The Academy of Music in Gdańsk Welcomes You to Our Conference!

For your convenience, we are providing you with all the information you need for finding your way to our academy from either the airport or from the main railway station.

If you are arriving at the airport, here is how to find our academy which is located at the corner of ul. Ląkowa and Podwale Przedmiejskie ("ul." is the Polish abbreviation for "street")

Want to take a taxi? To save money, don't hail one from the curbside outside the terminal because your driver will charge you a higher rate per kilometer. Just call for one on the phone, even if he is three meters from where you stand, and he will take you to our academy for about fifteen Euro (day rate), depending on the speed of traffic. There is only one number available, +485819686, which is Taxi Gdańsk. The phone operator should be able to speak basic English or German. The taxi accepts credit cards or Euro. If you want to save money then take a white and red-colored city bus which is called ZKM for less than two Euro, but you must pay in złoty (there is a currency exchange office inside the terminal); the driver will sell you your ticket. The bus stop is just outside the main doors of the terminal, about fifty meters to your right. The number you want is Bus "210 Gościnna" (not "210 Osowa PKP" which travels in the opposite direction from downtown Gdańsk). This bus will take you all the way to Dworzec Główny (Main Railway Station) which is the fourteenth stop down the line from the airport (approximately a 40 minute journey); this is the center of town and where you want to get off. From there take either Trams 3, 8 or 9 to Stogi; these trams run down the center of the street facing the railway station. When you get off the bus, go to your right about eighty meters and down into the tunnel under the street to get up to the tram platform. The tunnel entrance is in front of the KFC restaurant next to a brown statue of several children from other parts of Europe. Turn right when you get down into the tunnel, walk about ten meters, and the first set of stairs on the right going up are what you want. There is a sign next to the stairs entrance which reads "Kierunek - Chełm, Siedlce, Przeróbka, Stogi." Take either of the trams 3, 8, or 9 five stops down the line to the stop labeled "Akademia Muzyczna," and go down the stairs to the tunnel, turn right, and when you come up the steps exiting the tunnel, the academy will be right in front of you, a large yellow-brick building. You need one 3 złoty ticket, which is good for one hour (transfers included) for this journey; punch it on the bus for the trip from the airport to Dworzec Główny, and because this part of your journey should take less than an hour your ticket should still be good for the transfer to Trams 3, 8 or 9. That last part takes about seven minutes. If you have bad luck with the traffic and your bus arrives late, or if your tram arrives late, and your one hour is used up, you'll have to punch another 3 złoty ticket. Tickets are checked on the bus or tram randomly by control service agents, who step onto the bus or tram at any time, or maybe not even at all. There is also a shuttle bus available at the airport which will take you to Mercure Hevelius Hotel. This hotel is very close to Dworzec Główny from where you can take the tram to our academy (instructions above). If you wish, you could walk from the hotel to the Music Academy through our lovely Old Town in less that twenty minutes.

If you are arriving by train, you should get off at Dworzec Główny (the train makes several stops in the Tri-Cities), and from there Trams 3, 8, or 9 will get you to our academy (instructions above).

See you in Gdańsk! travel guide... (.pdf)

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