Gdańsk city fascinates with a very rich, 1000 years old history- starting from the christianising journey of St. Adalbert to Prussia in 997, during which he baptized a great deal of people in Gyddanzc; the membership in the Hanseatic League, the elitist union of merchants from the Baltic and North Sea in XVIIc. or the beginning of the Solidarity movement in the year 1980.
Gdańsk thrills with plenty of romantic stories about tragic love, bravery and wisdom of the famous people of science who were born here.
It attracts by the richness of nature and care for the green areas. What is more, the city is bikers-friendly, which really makes people feel free and unconfined here.
Gdańsk is still waiting for the realization of the New Dreams about the European Solidarity Centre. Metaphorically, Gdansk already kicks the ball at the Baltic Arena during EURO 2012. It is constantly developing and...becoming more beautiful each day. Gdańsk keeps intriguing all guests and citizens and will never stop doing this.

1. The Main City Tour - Reneissance, Amber and Hanseatic
Time: 3-4 hours
The Royal Way - from the Green Gate through the Long Market, the Main City Hall, the Artur's Court, the Neptun's Fountain, Long Street with its XVIIc. tenement houses (Uphagen, Ferber, Czirenberg houses) to the Golden Gate
The Prison and Torture Tower XVIIc. - nowadays the Amber Museum, the Coal Market, the Great Armoury
The Basilica of St. Mary - the biggest brick gothic shrine worldwide, the cosy Mariacka Street with the colourful history of amber. In one of the amber galleries we are able to see amber polishing art presentation.
Long Embankment along the Motława river with the Gdansk Crane.

Cost 20 EUR per person
If you decide to book this tour please contact us via email:
Coordinator - Jolanta Jarosz- Stachura, Golden Tour Agency

2. "Solidarity" tour
Time: 3-4h
During the visit guests can see the most important places connected with the great XX-century political-economical movement toppling totalitarian system in Poland: Solidarity Square with the Three Crosses monument, dedicated to the fallen shipyard's workers. The Exhibition "The Roads to Freedom"
Old Town monuments - the Old City Hall, the Great Mill, St. Catarine's church, XIIIc. St. Brigit's Church, the Polish Post Office - the place where the Second World War started on the 1st of September 1939.

Cost - 20 EUR per person
If you decide to book this tour please contact us via email:
Coordinator: Jolanta Jarosz- Stachura, Golden Tour Agency

Malbork Castle tour
Time: 5-6h
Malbork city is located 60 km from Gdańsk and attracts more then half A million visitors every year. They come to see the biggest medieval fortress in Europe- the Teutonic Knights' Castle. We propose half a day coach tour to Malbork's castle whose construction started in 1274 and which served as the capital of the theocratic state governed by the Teutonic Knights and the home of the Grand Master for more then 150 years. After one of the greatest battles in Medieval history near the village of Grunwald in 1410, the castle was appropriated by the Polish Kingdom. In 1772 it was taken from Poland by Prussia. During WWII the castle served as the war prisoners' camp, Stalag XX B, where 30 000 prisoners were held. In 1945 much of the castle was in ruins, but after years of restoration the castle and its museum were officially opened on the 1st of January 1961, and in 1997 the monument was put on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
After the visit to the castle you will have a chance to enjoy lunch in the unique atmosphere of the castle restaurant.

Cost with lunch - 55 EUR per person
If you decide to book this tour please contact us via email:
Coordinator - Jolanta Jarosz- Stachura, Golden Tour Agency tours... (.pdf)

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